About Embracing Your Grief

Stephanie Rogers, GCCA-C, CT is a certified Grief Counselor and Thanatologist with specializations in Child and Adolescent Grief and Animal Companion Loss Recovery. She has been a practicing Grief Counselor, Support Group Facilitator, and End-of-Life Speaker and Educator since 2004.

She provides individual, couples, and family/group grief counseling for all types of loss, including Disenfranchised, Traumatic, Cumulative, Collective, Complicated, and Anticipatory Grief.

Since 2017, Stephanie has been most active in the world of Animal Service as an Animal Companion Loss Recovery Specialist, providing one-on-one and group grief support and education to those who have lost a non-human family member. In addition to private practice grief counseling, Stephanie is also a nationally recognized End-of-Life Speaker and Educator, having been featured at human hospice professionals conferences and continuing education events.

Since 2020, she has been a featured speaker at a number of Jackson Galaxy’s CatCamp sessions.

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